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A complete Franklin and Marshall College study guide

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A complete Franklin and Marshall College study guide: Franklin & Marshall College, which was founded in 1787, is a highly selective institution with a focus on the liberal arts, a traditional academic programme in Western higher education that emphasises exploring a wide range of fields and developing skills that are highly valuable in any job or postgraduate pursuit. In the booming city of Lancaster, Pennsylvania—recently named the Best Small City in America by WalletHub—the college enrols 2,300 students on a tree-lined, 100-acre campus.

Twenty percent of the student body at F&M are international students, who attend from more than 40 different countries. Since F&M is a residential college, all of the students reside on campus or in nearby housing. Each student is a part of one of five residential communities and college houses, which also operate as hubs for academic and social gatherings. F&M concentrates on four central intellectual areas while offering a wide choice of majors and minors in 62 different subjects of study:

The Arts

You will study theory and practise, critique and analysis, and technique and composition at F&M. Additionally, you will be inspired to hone your creative abilities and capabilities. The faculty can assist you with everything from producing your play to writing your novel to choreographing your dance performance.

The Humanities

You will have opportunity to engage with various human cultures and experiences while studying humanities at F&M. You can better comprehend how various facets of human civilization and culture are interconnected by studying subjects such as music, philosophy, religion, and art and history.

The Sciences

This field of study is vibrant and inclusive; it crosses boundaries and connects topics in ways you didn’t realise were possible. Aspiring scientists will find that the college is dedicated to their studies. Regardless matter whether you select biology, chemistry, biochemistry, environmental science, or physics, it gives you a space for exploration and fosters a collaborative atmosphere along the way to scientific discovery.

The Social Sciences

You can gain a specialised comprehend of society and how people affect our world by studying social sciences at F&M. In the disciplines of business, economics, psychology, anthropology, archaeology, and history, you will have the chance to work with passionate teachers, gather and analyse data, and test your own hypotheses.

What makes Franklin & Marshall College the best option for you?

Here are some explanations as to why F&M might be the best choice for you:

A thriving social life

F&M helps its students develop a sense of community. More than 100 student clubs and organisations, 27 Division 3 athletic teams, and 11 intramural and club sports teams are all available for you to check out and join. With advice and funding from F&M, you can also locate a group of students who have a common interest and start your own club.

A variety of resources are available to you, including a faculty adviser, peer advisors in your College House, and many others. The college also offers a special office for overseas students that can assist visitors with anything from making travel and visa arrangements to adjusting to campus life.

Research opportunities

Study off campus to experience a different culture, build your resume with an internship, and research an intriguing hypothesis. Your education goes well beyond the classroom at F&M. Working and learning alongside professors who wish to support you in testing ideas rather than just discussing them in books or lectures is the cornerstone of its educational experience. Two-thirds of the students at F&M work with a faculty member on research projects or guided learning activities.

An inclusive and diverse campus

In addition to creating an inclusive environment, F&M is dedicated to attracting and enrolling students from a variety of backgrounds. Numerous support systems are in place at the college to make sure that students may always get the assistance they require and succeed during their four years on campus. These assistance systems include:

  • A health center
  • Counselling and mental health services
  • Multiple peer tutoring services
  • A world-class facility
  • Resources for first-generation students
  • A women’s center
  • Cultural institutions for college students from underrepresented groups
  • LGBTQI supporters and advocates

A strategic location

Lancaster is a vibrant, safe, and easily accessible city that is well-known for its restaurants, art galleries, and historic buildings. Additionally, it is well situated on the American east coast. Students can board a train at a station just blocks from the campus and be in Philadelphia or New York City in just over two hours. Washington, D.C., is just several hours south of F&M. Additionally,  there are four international airports within 120 miles of the campus. One of these large cities is where students usually spend their Saturdays exploring museums, eating different foods, and shopping.

What percentage of applicants is Franklin and Marshall College accepting?

Franklin and Marshall College works particularly hard to ensure representation in all programmes and boasts a diverse student body and faculty.

Franklin & Marshall’s acceptance rate is 38%. For thirty years, F&M has been a test-optional institution, providing applicants the option of including test results with their applications. Although the college does not explicitly demand entry test scores, the typical score ranges are as follows:

  • SAT score range—1240 to 1430
  • ACT score range—29 to 32.

To be a competitive applicant, your GPA should be close to 3.84.

Typically, the deadlines for the fall semester fall in January. Students may also apply Early Decision by November if F&M is their preferred choice. Additionally, to provide prospective students a greater sense of life at F&M, the college conducts virtual interviews with current international students.

What document is required to apply?

Applications from international students are considered at F&M College based on their academic records, test results, extracurricular involvement, and recommendations from professors and counsellors.

Here is the list of documents needed at the time of application-

  • A application form that is full and 60 USD in non-refundable application fees. Both the Coalition Application powered by Scoir and the Common Application are accepted by F&M.
  • High school records, certificates, and diplomas, as well as official transcripts from other universities.
  • Standardized test scores (SAT, ACT) for those who are not applying test optional.
  • IELTS, TOEFL, Duolingo, and PTE Academic test results for English language competency. However, children who are native English speakers or who have attended a school where English is the language of instruction for three or more years are exempt from the exam requirement.
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Financial documents

Tuition fees and living expenses

Any US university’s tuition and living costs vary depending on a number of variables, including the programme being pursued, among others.

Here is a breakdown of what it will cost you to attend F&M college.-

  • Tuition and fees – $66,044
  • Room and meals – $15,040
  • Books and supplies. – $1,200
  • Health insurance – $2,201
  • Personal expenses – $1,270

The Franklin and Marshall College financial aid programme

Based on the student’s family contribution and the information they supplied prior to admission, Franklin & Marshall intends to cover 100% of the student’s calculated requirement for the duration of their degree programme (four years). Although significant, the financial aid is also constrained. If a student needs a lot of help, the admissions process gets competitive.

International students can get need-based grants, small student loans, and on-campus jobs as financial aid. The financial help covers tuition, fees, a basic housing and board arrangement, books, and other incidentals. These packages do not cover travel or visa costs. Additionally, there are various payment options available for students.

A Record of successful student outcomes

Franklin & Marshall will be a partner in your success from your Day 1 on campus to months, years, and decades beyond. The dedicated team of advisors in the Office of Student and Post-Graduate Success engages with students across all four class years, helping them launch careers in leading industries and get admission to high-demand graduate and professional programs worldwide.

It is a practical model. 93% of the Franklin & Marshall Class of 2021 were either working or enrolled in a graduate or professional programme within six months after graduation. Additionally, each year, more than 90% of students take part in at least one of the 200 programmes designed to ensure their success after graduation. Graduates of F&M go on to work for prestigious companies like Bloomberg, Goldman Sachs, Google, and Pfizer and are admitted to the best graduate schools in the world like Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, and Yale.

Major findings

  • Franklin & Marshall is a residential liberal arts institution in Lancaster, Pennsylvania that supports students in identifying and developing their goals and skills.
  • Through a number of clubs, organisations, and other initiatives run by students, the college supports a strong sense of community.
  • It makes special efforts to cultivate diversity, inclusion, and equality.
  • Admission to the college is highly selective.
  • Every student’s institutionally established financial need is fully met by the college. It provides international students with funding depending on need.
  • The university has a robust support system in place to guarantee student success both in and out of the classroom.
  • Visit the official website to learn more about academics, financial aid, and application deadlines.

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