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Canadian Government Jobs 2024 for foreign job seekers with Work Visa

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Canadian Government Jobs 2024 for foreign job seekers with Work Visa : There is a fresh job opportunity starting in January 2024 by the Canadian Government. Jobs with visa sponsorship are a great possibility for people who want to work in Canada. Information on the 2024 Canadian Work Visa Process was recently published by us. That being said, this process is somewhat remote. Applying for a job within Canada or with a Canadian company is the first step. Whether you are applying for a work visa or a temporary visa, you can move forward with the application procedure after you have an invitation letter or an offer. By 2025, the Canadian government wants to welcome 500,000 newcomers.

This new plan offers opportunities in a variety of departments and industries, such as IT, driving, engineering, marketing, programming, fruit picking, farming, agricultural, dairy farming, and unskilled occupations. You can apply for a seasonal work visa if you don’t intend to stay in Canada permanently. Up to one or two years of temporary residency in Canada are permitted with this visa.

We’ll provide you with important details of information, techniques, and advice in this article to help you differentiate yourself from the competition and increase your chances of landing a fulfilling career in Canada.

#Canadian Job Market:

Canadian Government Jobs 2024 for foreign job seekers with Work Visa

It’s important to have a thorough understanding of the Canadian labour market before getting into the specifics of finding employment there. Technology, healthcare, finance, engineering, and technology are just a few of the diverse areas that Canada’s thriving economy boasts. Given its emphasis on development and inclusivity, Canada has a plethora of opportunities for highly skilled professionals worldwide.

In this post, I outlined the four main Canadian sectors or fields that will be sponsored for work permits in Canada in 2024 by means of a number of immigration schemes, such as express entry, Atlantic immigration, and numerous province-specific schemes. These people will be highly qualified and extraordinarily gifted, and they will come from all around the world.

#1. Jobs in the Aviation Sector in Canada:

Skilled workers have been hard to come by in Canada’s aerospace industry since air travel was reinstated after the pandemic. In response, Canada’s Minister of Public Services, Helena Jaczek, stated that the SWSP program will receive more than $39 million in financing for worker training and the revitalization of the country’s aviation and aerospace industries (Red Canada.ca).

These are several of the major Canadian aviation companies that provide employment opportunities:

  • Air Canad
  • Air Inuit
  • Air Spray
  • Adlair Aviation
  • Adler Aviation

Canadian Aviation provides a wide range of jobs in various professions, including:

  • Aircraft Tow Operator
  • Traveler Support Agent
  • Screening Officers
  • Crew Scheduler
  • Aircraft Maintenance Engineers

Pay scales:

  • Officer for Screening: $39,712 annually
  • Engineer for Aircraft Maintenance: $60,450 year.
  • Crew Scheduler Salary: $44,275 year
  • An airline attendant makes $45,533 a year.

#2. Jobs in Canada’s Construction Sector:

The growing population and the ensuing rise in the need for private and commercial projects have created a significant demand for development labourers generally at this time. But in every Canadian province, commercial enterprises are facing a labour shortfall as well as an architect, structural engineer, surveyor, and construction manager deficit. Jobs at these Canadian companies are searchable.

  1. Graham Construction and Engineering Inc
  2. Ryan Murphy Construction Inc
  3. MGI Construction Corp
  4. Turner Construction Company
  5. Euro Canadian Construction Corp

#3. Banking jobs in Canada:

Canadian banks are currently having severe difficulties as a result of their inability to hire enough competent and skilled workers. This gave me the impression right away that the foreign job seekers in my audience would have a wonderful opportunity to obtain banking-related positions in Canada. The Canadian banks listed below are actively seeking new employees.

  • Toronto-Dominion Bank
  • National Bank of Canada
  • Royal Bank
  • The Bank of Montreal
  • Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
  • The Bank of Nova Scotia

International applicants are expected to hold a variety of designations in order to work with Canadian banks, such as

  1. KYC Managers
  2. Banking Managers
  3. Junior Designers
  4. Customer Care Advisor
  5. AI and BlockChain Specialists
  6. Personal Bankers
  7. Investment and Personal Banking Specialist

A human resources assistant should expect to make between $55,543 and $60,130 a year, plus bonuses and allowances. The annual compensation of a finance agent is roughly $48,925.

# Jobs in Canada Without Skill for Foreign Workers in 2024:

These jobs in Canada are now covered by a seasonal visa. These are all contract positions. It implies that, according on the terms of your employment contract and the length of your visa, you may be able to work and stay in Canada temporarily.

When Canadians and permanent residents are unavailable, firms may choose to  hire temporary foreign workers (TFW) through the Seasonal Agricultural Worker Programme (SAWP). You are allowed to stay for a maximum of nine months.

  1. Plumber Jobs in Canada (Visa Sponsorship)
  2. Welder Jobs in Canada (Visa Sponsorship)
  3. Truck Driver Jobs in Canada (Popular)
  4. Farm Workers Jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship 2024 (Popular and Demanded)
  5. P&H Farming Company Jobs in Canada
  6. P&H Farming Company Jobs in Canada
  7. Fruit Picker Jobs in Canada With Visa Sponsorship (Popular and Demanded)
  8. Fruit Picking Jobs in British Columbia
  9. Fruit Picking Jobs In Ontario, Canada
  10. Registered Nurse Jobs in Canada

How to Apply?

To apply for a job with the Canadian government in 2024, you must look for the post on the Official Canadian Government website, complete the online application, and mail it to the Canadian government for review.


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