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Guidance on How to Get a Job in Japan After Graduating

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Guidance on How to Get a Job in Japan After Graduating: Are you an international student hoping to work in Japan after you graduate? International students have a wide range of options because of Japan’s modern economy, varied culture, and abundance of employment prospects. It can be difficult to get employment abroad, though.

For international students, Japan offers a variety of options for careers. Students can obtain well-paying jobs in Japan with the right qualifications, resources, and research. In 2022, the average monthly salary for full-time employees in Japan was  approximately 311.8 thousand Japanese yen.

This suggests that employees in Japan make a respectable monthly pay. As a result, it is very evident on how students should find jobs in Japan after graduation.

# The Labor market in Japan:

There are now more career options in Japan. Additionally, assisting international students makes it simpler for foreign graduates, particularly those who attended Japanese universities to get employed in the job market. Japan’s business, information technology, and education sectors are among its strongest.

Below are some Jobs  foreign students can after graduation:

  • English Teaching assistants
  • IT and Programming Engineering
  • International Business Consultant
  • Nursing
  • Factory Work
  • General Administrator

How can you work in Japan after graduation?

International students are welcome to Japan. If your plan is to remain in the country and seek for work after graduation, you will need to secure a work visa or an extended stay permit. You can Visit this Link on how to obtain a long-term visa.( Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan)

# Things to consider when looking for jobs in Japan.

Guidance on How to Get a Job in Japan After Graduating:

  • Acquire proficiency in speaking Japanese and familiarise yourself with their way of life. You can find out if you can enrol in language classes at your university by contacting one of the many programmes available to international applicants.
  • Getting your resume ready in advance, is also one approach to be prepared.
  • As soon as you arrive, begin building a network of contacts if you wish to find employment in Japan. Even with an abundance of available jobs, the employment market can still be highly competitive for fresh graduates.
  • You will learn more about Japan and the job market the more you participate in conversations.

# Types of Work Visa in Japan:

There are several varieties of Japanese work visas that serve various purposes. But these are the most typical ones:

  1. Visa for Specialised Skilled Worker: This type of visa is granted to foreign nationals who wish to work in specific industries in Japan.
  2. Specified Skilled Worker Visa 1-SSV1: This type of Visa is issued to foreigner for one year and renewed up to 5 years.
  3. The Specified Skilled Worker Visa 2-SSV2 is meant for individuals who intend to work for a period longer than five years.
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