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Scholarships in Belgium for 2024 that Do Not Require IELTS

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Scholarships in Belgium for 2024 that Do Not Require IELTS: DO you ever dream to study in Belgium on scholarship? it’s good news for you to explore these Fully Funded Belgium Scholarships without IELTS to cover the cost of your study. Numerous scholarships are available for international students to apply for to study in Belgium without the necessary IELTS requirements.

This book will assist you in navigating the world of Belgian scholarships without the language barrier of the IELTS, enabling you to pursue your academic goals in Belgium, whether your goal is to study in Brussels, Antwerp, or Leuven.

List of Top Belgium Scholarships without IELTS

VLIR-UOS Scholarship Program

The full cost of tuition, living expenses, plane tickets, and monthly grants are covered by the VLIR-UOS scholarship. For overseas students, it is one of the most sought-after scholarship programmes. This scholarship is given annually to about thirty-one international students, enabling them to attend a fully funded Flemish university or institution. Without taking the IELTS.

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Global Minds Doctoral Scholarships

KU Leuven’s Global Minds Doctoral Scholarships are an effort to promote cooperative research with specialists from less fortunate nations. PhD applicants from developing nations are given the chance to conduct fully funded research at KU Leuven. Typically, the scholarship covers the entire cost of tuition, a monthly stipend of €2,199, travel, medical insurance, and a research allowance of €310 per month. IELTS is not required in order to apply for this award.

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Government of Belgium Scholarship

Every year, students from developing countries can apply for the ARES scholarships from the Belgian government, which allow them to join in a one-year specialised master’s programme or a four- to six-month advanced training course at a Belgian university. International applicants can apply for the Government of Belgium ARES Scholarship without having to submit an IELTS score, and those who are accepted will get full financing to attend a Belgian institution for their studies.

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Erasmus Mundus Masters Scholarship

One of the most prominent and fully financed scholarships in Europe, it is offered to students enrolled in a variety of master’s and doctorate programmes across the continent through the European Union. Without taking the IELTS exam, you can still apply for an Erasmus Mundus Scholarship to study in Belgium. The scholarship pays for the students’ tuition, visa fees, living expenses (between €1100 and €1200 per month), travel expenses, and insurance premiums.

Master Mind Scholarship without IELTS

The Belgian regional government of Flanders provides funding for the Master Mind Scholarship. Every year, about thirty scholarships for master’s programmes in Flanders and Brussels are made available to international students from all over the world. A portion of the scholarship pays for living expenses, health insurance, waiver of the tuition, and a €8200 grant.

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Apply for Belgian Universities Without Taking IELTS

The ILETS is an important concern for Belgian universities, particularly if you have prior experience using the language for academic purposes. The Belgian universities listed below allow you to study without taking the IELTS exam.

  • Vrije Universiteit Brussel
  • University of Antwerp
  • Ghent University
  • KU Leuven
  • Hasselt University
  • ULiège

How to Apply to Belgium Universities Without IELTS

  • If you received your previous degree from an English Language Institute, let the school know.
  • To verify that your prior education was in English, obtain an English Language Proficiency Certificate from your previous institution. This is an official document that is printed on letterhead paper and has been appropriately stamped.
  • Certain universities in Belgium may provide a crash course for students looking to improve their English language proficiency.
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